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Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion

Cold fusion is a real but still incompletely explained energy-producing phenomenon, that occurs when ordinary hydrogen and the special form of hydrogen called deuterium are brought together with metals, such as palladium, titanium, and nickel. Usually, some triggering mechanism, such as electricity or acoustic energy, is required to provoke the "cold fusion" effects. Both ordinary hydrogen and deuterium are abundant in ordinary water - whether fresh water, ocean water, ice, or snow - so the process will help to end many of the world's energy concerns, if it can be developed commercially. Now this is all but certain.

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Robert Duncan on Cold Fusion and the Scientific Method

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Dr. Robert Duncan, vice chancellor for research at the University of Missouri, is one of the few American academics who has an open mind regarding the subject of cold fusion. He rose to fame in cold fusion circles when he was recruited by the CBS 60 Minutes show as an ‘honest broker’, an independent scientist with no skin in the game to look at some cold fusion claims. Duncan was selected on the recommendation of the American Physical Society because he was a recognized e…