Was Stanley Meyer KILLED for His WATER POWERED CAR?

One of the most mysterious and crazy TRUE stories ever is that of Stanley Meyer, who just "up and died by a brain aneurysm" according to the standard explanation. What is so mysterious, is that he was filmed by a local news crew literally driving a 100% WATER POWERED go kart like vehicle, and was also the talk of the town in certain scientific circles, such as even being invited to conferences in England by major British scientists. Mr. Meyer did NOT last too long at all after publicly exposing his invention, as his garage where the car was kept was broken into and he was harassed even before being found dead a few months later. Mr. Meyer went to his grave SWEARING that major oil and gas company tycoons were trying to BUY HIM OFF, and apparently his rejection of those offers eventually led to his untimely demise. This all centers around a CELL FUEL that literally converts ALL REGULAR WATER, even salt water from the ocean and melted snow water, into a hydrogen form of energy used for ENGINE POWER.