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Geoglyphs are works of art that were made from moving or arranging stones or earth or other objects within a landscape. The Nazca Lines, which were created by moving turning over sun-baked stones to reveal the unburnt side are arguably the most famous of this type of archaeological site type, and indeed perhaps one of the most famous sites on the planet. Geoglyphs also can be carved into a hillside exposing bedrock; these types of geoglyphs, like the Uffington Horse and the Cerne Abbas Giant, are called chalk giants.

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Flightpaths To The Gods

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Giant geometric shapes have been discovered on the floor of the Nazca Desert in Southern Peru. What are they and what was their purpose? Archaeologist Dr. Tony Spawforth investigates the phenomenon of the Nazca Lines and if there is solid proof they are connected to Ancient Aliens/Ancient Alien Astronauts.