With further developments in this world of restrictive movement and total control of individuals. I don't wish to be accused of scaremongering but facts are facts and given the current restrictions for a pandemic that does not exist except in the media-driven fear-mongering world many advantages can be had and none of them for you and me. The media is in full fear swing and heaven forbid anyone should show the seasonal flue numbers as a comparison to the world's biggest false flag. Of course, people are dying from the flu, they die every year but to latch onto the current and systematic effort at creating panic and economic mayhem is something not even Orwell could have anticipated. However, he did anticipate the results and I am now going to show you some of them... In this episode we cover some of the major cities and the laws currently being rushed through and take my word for it, they will not be in a hurry to give up those laws. We can see a pattern of behavior that is creeping towards total shutdown, control, and division of everyone...

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