The Magic of Novichok

Richard talks to Dr. Nick Kollerstom about the alleged poisining in the UK of a Russian spy and his daughter during March 2018. The official line is demonstrably implausible and highly comical. It's incredible that not one British MP has stood up in parliament to point out how preopsterous the governments fairy tale is. The slightest contact with a nerve agent like the one described in this event would result in nervous system failure and instant death. The sudden recovery of the two "victims" only occurred after a phone with Yulia Skripal and her cousin was broadcast on Russian TV. The phone call proved that the UK governments claims were untrue. Following this phone call, it was announced that the two victims had made a sudden miraculous recovery. The other part of this mystery is : where are they now ? Is Sergei Skripal still alive? If so, where is he living? Dr Nick Kollerstrom points out all the holes in the case, and we also postulate as to what this entire nonsense was really all about.